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The GR8 Depression (2024)

A dance improvisation piece for 9 med school students
Duration: 30 minutes
Premiere: March 2024, Liikelaituri, Tampere

Dancers:  Mikaela Brusi, Trina Chen, Patrik Daymond, Elina Haaga, Ilona Henriksson, Siiri Leppälä, Taito Niemelä, Annika Pelkonen, Aliisa Rusi
Choreographer: Tuulia Soininen
Lights: Jussi Autio

SHEIN clothes, congressman Keskisarja and Euphoria aesthetics!

The GR8 Depression is a dance improvisation piece prepared with nine medical students from Tampere. The work deals with over-consumption culture from the point of view of young adults with a sharp and ironic approach.

Pictures: Viivi Kajander

Audience feedback:

"All in all, it was a great and energetic performance! Thanks to the whole team! The moods and intensities of the dance performance also varied, keeping the tension alive and sometimes even startlingly surprising the audience. There were also interesting references, e.g. to overspending, which was performed by the group's two male dancers without forgetting the humor. The couples' physical trust in each other was admirable and created a strong communal experience. Absolutely brilliant from medical students and choreographer Tuulia Soininen!"

Tuulia worked together with Tampere med school students for 5 months about once a week. The choreography was built with community dance methods together with the dancers. The process involved exploring different improvisation techniques and discussing and searching for topics together, not forgetting to have fun in the mix!


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