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I graduated as a dancer & choreographer (BA, Hons) from Falmouth University, UK in 2018. I work as a freelance dance artist in Finland, mainly in Pirkanmaa. I work with film, community dance and live performance. Currently I am doing my Master's in Choreography in Fontys/Codarts in the Netherlands.

As a creator I gravitate towards feminist subjects. My choreographic process is mostly based on creating material with improvisational practices.  I am passionate in researching the use of film and dance together in different ways. I believe in creating a safe working environment, collaboration and open communication.

I am currently expanding into community dance. I work for Pirkanmaa Dance Center. I hold dance for Parkinson's classes and work especially with the elderly.

Virta (2023)

A community dance piece for Tanssi Virtaa festival
Produced by Dance Theatre MD


Bye Mr. Balanchine (2022)

A feminist solo piece about a dancer's body image


Terveisiä matkalta (2022)

A dance solo and workshop for the elderly
Produced by Pirkanmaa Dance Center



TREenit! Ry Open Stage demo, 2023

Performers & creators Tuulia Soininen & Merri Heikkilä

2.6.2023 Liikelaituri, Tampere

Terveisiä Matkalta- trailer 2022

Dancer & choreographer Tuulia Soininen

Production Pirkanmaan Tanssin Keskus

Bye Mr. Balanchine, 2022

Dance & choreography -  Tuulia Soininen

Performed 3.12.2022 Liikelaituri, Tampere

To Be Touched, 2022

Choreography -  Tuulia Soininen, Sanni Laine and Tiia Laitinen
Dance film

Furrow 2022

Dance & choreography: Tuulia Soininen, Maria Concetta Cariello, Laura Kuukkanen
Performed in 16.7.2022 Hällä-näyttämö, Nytke Contemporary Dance Festival

Showreel 2021

Valoja liikkeessä 2021

Dance & choreography: Tuulia Soininen, Marjut Mponda-Bipella

Performed in 15.12.2021 Koskipuisto, Tampere

Gaia's Lamentation 2020

Dance & choreography: Tuulia Soininen

Performed in 12.6.2020 online in TampereRaw Festival

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