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Looking For Loïe (2023)

Dance film
Duration: 9:21
Coming in 19.3.2023

Director/ choreographer: Tuulia Soininen

Dancer: Emma Heinonen

DOP: Aino Mättö

Gaffe: Eeva Laulumaa

Location sound recordist: Eveliina Suni

Editor: Tuulia Soininen

Camera assistant: Kerttu Mättö

Lighting assistant: Liina Mäkinen

Production assistant: Sonja Vartonen

Foley artist: Julia Huopainen

Makeup artist: Hanna Ilkko

Photographer: Veera Lintula



Director & arrangement Maria Kujanpää

 Recording Alina Huldén

Organizer Soile Lahtinen

Singers: Sirkku Aihos Susanna Hänninen Hilkka Heikkilä Taru Kallio Elina Korri Anu Kuoppamäki Leena Laaksonen Soile Lahtinen Tuula Laurila Mirkku Lumijärvi Leena Mäkelä Kirsi Mäkinen Ulla Mattila Terhi Nykänen Ulpu Siponen Mimmi Tolvanen Minna Turppa Iina Welling Teija Willman

Production: Muusa Tuotannot Oy

Funded by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Supported by: Pirkanmaa Dance Cente

Looking For Loïe is a feminist dance film in which a woman comes face to face with inequality in the work place. The film is inspired by dance and theatre technology pioneer Loïe Fuller. It is created by all female and non-binary makers.

Looking For Loïe is a project that took over 1,5 years to complete.
The director Tuulia Soininen was hugely inspired by the dance and technology pioneer Loïe Fuller.
Fuller was one of the first dance practitioners to de-sexualize the dancing female body. The body became abstract, it formed shapes,
colors and images. In this film we have consciously aimed to point out, comment and diminish the male gaze.
Fuller does not fit into one box. She was a scientist during an era when women were not welcomed to the science world. In history books she is seen either a dance artist or a theater technology inventor. Why ought thinking and moving be binaries?
Looking For Loïe revolves around the
 themes of visibility and agency. It was created by all female and non-binary makers. The decision was made in order to address the striking inequality in the film industry. It also continues the discussion on how to create agency for discriminated genders on and off screen.

For Tuulia this project is deeply meaningful. It is her first solo direction. It was also the first project she received funding for. She was truly touched by all the passionate people she got to make this film with. 
The process wasn't without controversy. There was some backlash from inside the film industry. But that proved there was all the more reason why this film should be made.
This film was created by the power of community, supporting each other and believing in the common cause of equality in the workplace. 

Making of

Photographs: Veera Lintula


In the media


Premiere 19.3.2023
Arthouse Cinema Niagara, Tampere Finland

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