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Virta (2023)

A community dance piece created for a public space
Duration: 20 minutes
Premiere: May 2023 Tampere
Produced by: Dance Theater MD & Tanssi Virtaa

Dancers:  Osmo Kaikuvuo, Päivikki Montonen, Sini Marikki, Paula Kulo, Marjut Mponda-Bipella, Olli Soininen, Emilia Ali-Löytty, Satu Valkama


Tuulia was chosen as a choreographer for Tanssi Virtaa festival to create a community dance piece. Any adult person who loves to dance was welcomed to sign up as a dancer. 

The piece was created together with 9 dancers into a public park, Posteljooninpuisto. The choreography is built around different elements in the park. The choreography is based on improvisational material and tasks interpreted by each dancer thorough their own unique voices.

Performance pictures by: Heikki Järvinen

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